Best Cars With High Tuning Potential

Best Cars With High Tuning Potential

Some of the best cars that you will ever take out on the open road have the same thing in common: they have REALLY high tuning potential. When you have this as an option for your car, you will be able to take on the open road in a way that you have never been able to before. This list we are going to look at today shows you all of the best options that you have at your disposal when looking for a car to REALLY fly in.

What do we mean when we say that a car has high tuning potential? Basically, this term means that you can adapt the car’s existing engine to go faster than the factory designed it to go. You can go out and get a car that has a good stock engine, but most good racers prefer a car that is easy to customize over one that is simple “fast.” Without further ado, let’s look at the fastest things you can put on the open road today.

The Audi TT

The Audi TT comes with some serious speed that is not to be messed with. Right off the market it is not the fastest thing on the road, but with some love and tuning you can turn that car into a machine that you do NOT want to mess with. The Audi TT was first made in 1998, and is still manufactured in 2016. With proper tuning you can make a car like this just a bit slower than a Bugatti Veyron… But you will find that these cars have a weight advantage that the Bugatti does not: it is less than two-thirds of the Bugatti’s weight. So you can ultimately create a car with serious power that weights very little… This is the perfect car for a first-time tuner!

Acura RSX

This little Acura is a beautiful car for people that are trying to get into tuning. This car was made from 2001-2006, and allows for a lot more performance potential than most people give it credit for. This car can be compared to a very high-class Honda Civic; it is durable, not too expensive, and has a LOT of room for upgrades. Why not invest in a beautiful car like this? You will not regret the amount of amazing work you could do on this car. You can take it from a good car to a beautiful racing machine without undue effort!

Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION

The very name of this car sounds like a natural-born speed machine. This car ranks highly on most lists of cars that are great for tuning… No list would be complete without it. First made in 1992, this Mitsubishi model has made an impact with street racers the world over. It has enough room for customization for the most adapt grease monkey… Some intrepid customizers have gotten more than 500 hp out of the engine of this car. Drastic customizations like that cause you to have to replace the oil almost constantly, but that just gives you an idea of the amount of high-quality performance available to you.

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Top 4 Places In the US to Legally Test Your Car

Top 4 Places In the US to Legally Test Your Car

When you are street racing today one of the main concerns that you probably in run into is how you are going to street-test your car. What fun is it to have a beautifully tuned and customized street racer if you can’t even test it out? Today, we’re going to explore a few of the best places to legally street-test your car in the US! They may not all be on the open road per se… We can’t officially condone that, but… Go have fun!

Anyway, here are a few of the best places to legally street-test your car in the United States!

Qualcomm Stadium, California

In an effort to stop the sheer amount of illegal street racing that takes place in California, the police department put together a way for people to have fun street racing AND reduce the risk of innocent bystanders or participants getting hurt or killed. There are all kinds of “race legal” events where you can have all of the fun of racing without all of the danger that is usually associated.

No Problem Raceway Park, Louisiana

This track is a straight line of pavement 4000 feet long in Louisiana… And it is the best way to have an awesome time street racing in the area. It does not offer quite the same variety that street racing often does, but you can get a good idea of the top speed of your car. You can also enter your car into a bracketed race on Friday nights!

Monticello Motor Club, New York

This is one of the classiest entries on this list; it is more than a track. It is a 4-mile course, surrounded by beautiful woodland. Since there is so much track that is out of the range of good lighting, I recommend that you use a supreme led light bar, such as the one from Black Oak LED. You won’t regret having the extra visibility! There are also races for all skill levels of drivers. If you want more than just a fun time racing, you can get your class on at the Monticello Motor Club.

Firebird Raceway, Idaho

No matter what level of driver you are, there is something for you on the Firebird Raceway. This is the best place to get your Midwestern speed demon on. With the broad category of races to enter, there will be something for you to enjoy doing here. Plus, all that it takes to get into the “street legal” races is for you to pass the 100 MPH club on a test day. Why come on out and have a good time testing the limits of your car?

Put It To the Test!

Your street car is no good to you if you don’t see what it can do occasionally… That is why tracks like the ones mentioned above exist! So come on out… Start having a good time setting personal best times and speed records! Why not see what your car can do today?